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This project was a complete redesign of Molecular Pathology Laboratory Network’s website. I worked with a large team of laboratory professionals, including pathologists, software developers, and the executive team. We solved several problems that we were facing with the previous site:

  • We used a responsive and mobile-first approach to develop an accessible website that works across a wide range of devices and screen sizes.
  • We used ExpressionEngine CMS ( as opposed to Joomla in the previous site ) to allow more flexibility with the front-end templating engine, provide more security, and allow more control over the complex content strategy workflows for this site.
  • We implemented version control with GitHubTower, and Capistrano, to allow a team of developers to collaborate on the code base and have a rock-solid backup plan and development documentation.
  • We spent time researching our Google Analytics data in order to rethink our entire IA ( Information Architecture ) for the site, and we developed a much more intuitive navigation structure that delivers content to the user more effectively, especially in regards to the test menu.